Listing designs

Recently I have undertaken some design tasks to create assets for Amazon product page listings.
These include designs for the main images and product showcase section.

These designs were produced following client branding guidelines, and using their provided materials e.g., images, logos etc.

All the following designs have been completed using Figma with Photoshop for the image editing/manipulation.

Main images Wallaroo

On each Amazon product page, there are several main images that a potential customer can get a more detailed view of the item.

Some of the images provided had physical backgrounds which made it challenge to create a product image with a transparent background.

As this is the often the first contact a user will have with the product, it’s important to create compelling images that catch the user’s attention.

Peak Power: Product listing

This design was created as part of a small design test. I had three hours max to complete a redesign of Peak Power’s current Amazon listing using their latest style guides.

As this was a new experience for me, I spent some time looking for similar designs and at their competitors to see what design practices are currently being implemented.

Using Figma and Photoshop I put together this quick mock-up of what their listing could potentially look like.    

Thermajane: Product Page

Another Amazon product page which is a redesign of their current listing.
Recently they have had a new style guide created which gave new direction for which fonts to use and how to apply their colour palette.

Some other examples of other pages they like which guided me on the design process for this design.

One of the challenges was how to incorporate their primary pink colour without making it look too dated for today’s design standards.