During my years as a web/graphic designer I have worked on designs for several email newsletters. I have created email designs for the healthcare sector, marketing agencies and software companies and more.

The following are a few examples of newsletters that I have created for different companies for different purposes.

Each one of these were created in different programs, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD.

huumun newsletters

The company I worked for decided on re-branding to better cater to other
sectors of business. One of my tasks was to create some email newsletters
for both internal and external use. I created these designs based on very
crude sketches provided by the marketing/sales team.

Features a paragraph written by the company CEO to comment on some of the events of the previous month. Each department has a small section that details relevant news/information.
The icons used are to reflect each of the department’s speciality.

General news from the company that doesn’t belong to a particular department. Also, a section for the various global teams.

Email template that would be sent out to clients to announce upcoming events that huumun would be either participating in or organising.
Panel with calendar of events, recipient can use this to register themselves for the upcoming event.

Also features a panel with links to digital downloads and ways to get in touch with the company.

Thinkspain: weekly email

An online portal for English speaking ex-pats in Spain to find information on housing, news, and jobs. This was a re-brand of their current email newsletter that they had been using since 2008. I worked with the Marketing Director to find the best UX for the various sections of the newsletter.
We achieved this by changing the hierarchy and measuring user interactions of each section to determine which would be the best to prioritise.

I created wireframes to map these out and the final product was designed for desktop/tablet and for mobile.


The idea here was to illustrate different parts and aspects of life in Spain, so the following are options I provided for the newsletter banner.
These could be changed on a weekly basis or as desired.

Banner 1
Image of a Bullring, a staple in Spanish tradition
Banner 2
Image of known landmark in Barcelona

Banner 3
Image of known landmark in Madrid

Banner 4
Image of Arts and Science museum in Valencia
Banner 5
Modern house in Spain to show the real estate section the site has to offer.
Banner 6
Image of typical bull that you often see in Spain.
Banner 7
Image of Benidorm due to it being a popular destination for ex-pats to vacation and live.
Banner 8
The client requested more imagery of beaches as ex-pats associate this with Spain.
Banner 9
Generic image of the seaside.

Old version

Final design

Thinkspain final newsletter design

Mobile version

More and more users view the web and emails through their mobiles so a design for these devices was required. Initially the images were set at a 16:9 aspect ratio but due to the limitations of the CMS used for the newsletter I needed to display them at 4:3.

Crea: newsletter

Concept for an email newsletter which would be used to send out to sales reps giving more information about the CREA program which allows users to design their own bathrooms.

I completed this design within a morning as there was keen interest to get this completed and sent out within a few days.