A collection of various brochures and flyers that have been used to promote the services of the companies I had been working for.

These were to be used both digitally and printed so it was important to keep this in mind when developing these designs.

All of these brochures were created in InDesign with elements such as photos, vector images and icons created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

One Page Data Viz

One page brochure as an introduction to data visualisation and the services that Pharmiweb can provide in this area. This brochure is in A4 and was intended to be for both digital and print.

As there was a lot of information and imagery in this brochure, extra care was needed to include everything whilst still being legible to the reader.

huumun: case studies

Huumun had many years of experience creating digital products for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. With this history a template was needed for a digital brochure which would highlight some of their projects along with the challenges and solutions involved.

A5 Flyer RandalPro

An A5 leaflet created to showcase two ranges of bathroom furniture which were on special offer. The design includes sections for photos of the units as well as the various prices, sizes and finishes available. This project was created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
I had to make some adjustments to the photos, change some finishes from white to dark wood, add in mirrors and change some of the handles.
The QR code on the back takes the reader to the company catalogue where they can view more products.

A5 Flyer tuawa

Tuawa is a company specialising in water filters with the aim to reduce and replace the use of plastic water bottles in households and businesses.

As part of a test for an interview I was tasked to re-design an existing trifold using the materials sent to me via email. For this I created an A5 diptic leaflet taking care to present the information in a clearer way but also putting enough focus on the products themselves.